What our clients say about digi-training:

'Before going to digi-training I could hardly switch a computer on. This wasn’t good - especially considering I work in the design/communications business. I had attended ‘other’ training courses regarding Apple Mac usage however all left me feeling less adequate than before and even more isolated and afraid of the ‘digital’ world. All this changed after undergoing a course with digi-training. The excellent tutors didn’t belittle me for my lack of understanding or aptitude. They met me ‘where I was’ and worked out a program building on what little knowledge and experience I had. After only a couple of lesions I become more comfortable engaging with the computer and even started enjoying the results. Together we worked out a flexible timetable and number of lessons to suit me; all at an agreed, and very reasonable, price. Regular in-class tests, simple homework tasks and constant encouragement meant I soon had enough skill and understanding to ‘go it alone’ and experiment with simple tasks using Photoshop and InDesign. Digi-training has not only given me the skills and tools to build on but confidence in a world that used to terrify me. I can’t thank them enough for their expertise, patience and approach.'

Geoff Turner, Creative Director Reworks/Ogilvy

‘We required a landing page, to be designed in Dreamweaver, I had had a little bit of training many years ago. Clare was available when we needed her. The training was moulded to our exact requirements. She was clear, patient and knowledgeable. We completed the project on time and within budget as a result. It was a great bonus to have her come to our office too. ‘

Hannah Armstrong, Graphic Designer

"Clare helped me set up a website for a new business start up. The advice and help I was given was tailored exactly to my needs which meant that not only did everything happen quickly, but it was also very cost effective."

Matt Smith, owner, www.clarahawn.com

'Before I found out about digi-training I had spent some time hoping to find a way of learning that I could fit in around having a young family and, since my Photoshop skills were zero, somewhere where I wouldn't feel out of my depth. digi-training has surpassed on both accounts and beyond. To my great surprise (and relief) the tutor comes to my home for the lessons which saves me a lot of time and the individual, tailored tutoring means I can go at my own pace without feeling the pressure of getting behind. From the first lesson I felt instantly at ease, empowered to learn and gained many skills and I look forward to building on these skills over the coming year. Highly recommended!'

Gemma Butler, Illustrator

'I contacted Clare at digi-training as I needed to be able to use InDesign to create posters and leaflets at work.

I had never used InDesign before and although reasonably computer savvy when creating documents, emailing, printing etc, I was not experienced using design applications like this one.

We had two 90 minute sessions and I found Clare to be calm and easy to understand, thorough and most importantly, patient! In those two sessions I have learned enough to enable me to create the products I need - I have already submitted an A3 poster for approval and am now working on the next project. Clare has also offered an email/phone support service if I'm really stuck.

As well as the great service their rates were very reasonable, we didn't have much of a budget given the current climate but digi-training managed to accommodate us.'

Amanda Sangorski, Education Department, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare